Kairos is Neelam's first collection of words. Neelam writes about love, loss and seeing the eyes through the lens of an expansive, non-linear representation of time. She believes at any moment, we are one wave of awareness away from changing the direction of our lives. Neelam has had several of these moments in her life that have shaped her journey and believes we are given a few of these opportune moments in life where we must act.
The title Kairos is an ancient Greek word. You see, the Greeks measured time in two ways: chronos and kairos. Chronos is a chronological measurement of time. Kairos is a non-linear experience where one must take a stance, a decision or action. And just like its name, Kairos is not meant to be experienced chronologically.

All purchase proceeds from Kairos will be used to fund various programs for invisible threadsTM which focuses on bringing educational and vocational skills to under-served communities.


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