Over a decade of award-winning experience in digital advertising, now partnering with multinational companies for employee growth, mental-health, well-being and executive mentorship.

What To Expect:

Custom programs and training for team building, creating culture, conflict management, public speaking, and cultivating relationships for higher performance, including inspiring influence within and outside the company.

A signature process for middle management and executive teams to create clarity, identify their leadership archetypes (from 7) and lead from a place of integrity, empathy, and connection with themselves, their teams and organization.

Functional-spirituality and mindfulness, are used to simplify complex practices into easy to learn and use steps at work and at home.

From topics of conscious leadership, evolved enterprise, and creativity to innovation, I believe if we have the right intentions rooted in the benefit of the greater good, corporations can be at the helm of creating a larger impact on eliminating some of the most pressing issues of our time.


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