I will until my last breath be a gloriously messy and vibrant Work In Progress.

My Journey... So Far:

I was raised across four continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. In some ways, I was a nomad before it became commonplace.


My eventful life has taken me from schooling to living in different parts of the world for work and other personal pursuits, which I’d like to believe has given me friends all over the globe, the gift of tolerance, and kept the wanderlust-er in me well nourished.


After over a decade in corporate America working for international pharmaceutical & FMCG brands on digital strategy, media, and advertising, I felt I wasn’t living up to my most sincere potential to help contribute and elevate humanity in a way only I could. 


So far it has been a fulfilling ride and taken me to stages across the world, with two TEDx invitations, writing my first book of poetry, and working with soulful men and smart women who want to earnestly create more impact and build their Empire of Good in the world.  


Yes, every now and then I pinch myself, and often, my work humbles me in ways I never thought was ever possible.

I Am Not For Everyone.

I care. I show it.


I can be intense. I love solving complex challenges.


I tell the truth. I test my truth.


Everything I do is hinged on creating value and that means, every solution I am party to must create ease, peace and simplicity...with all the soul I can muster in me and everyone who is naturally drawn to my way of doing, well, the doing. 

My teaching, speaking and consulting approach is rooted in enthusiasm and open-mindedness. It matters in all I do that I bend the knee at the altar of strategy, vision, mission and integrity while having fun.

How I See Myself?

Until my last breath, I will be a work-in-progress.


A human filled with cosmic dust and galaxy grime looking for her lot of misfits, odd-balls, weirdos, thinkers and tinkerers who want to, as one of my favorite Dead Poets Society character, Neil Perry says:


“to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.”


If you can relate, we’ll jive well. If any of this made you smile or feel understood, then feel free to sign up for my musings below.

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