Pain is the stepping-stone to living an authentic life.


Feeing it all is a superpower. When we make a conscious decision to let every experience into our lives
without excluding the “bad” bits, we become even more powerful.


This power to feel it all is not an ordinary one because it fosters deep understanding of our world, ourselves and gifts us with resilience.Facebook Share


When we ask the Universe or Source or any other Higher Power to only give us “good”, we remove the possibility of growth, which usually can only come through experiencing existential pain.


Now, I’ll be honest, not everyone is cut out for growing from the pain because man, sticking with that stuff is difficult. And most people will just numb themselves because you know, pain is a bitch.


If you stick with pain, it will bring forward an unraveling and an unfolding that will give you and understanding of who you are and what you are made of. Pain is a powerful teacher.


Some of the most successful people in the world will tell you that pain was important in their transformation; and contextualizing it was alchemy of magic in their lives: eventually.


Pain isn’t in any kind of hurry and if are going to befriend it, then you musn’t be in a hurry either.Pain ain’t rushing it to deliver your message. It’s gon’ take its own sweet-ass time with you. Facebook Share


The more comfortable you become leaning into pain, the swifter the message drop becomes. Again, this doesn’t mean you bypass anything. (Hah! Caught you: I know what you were thinking).


So lovey, make pain your superpower.

Don’t sideline it.
Don’t rush it.
Stay strong.
Be vulnerable when you need to be.


Cry. Yes, cry, if that brings about the emotional release.Twitter Share Facebook Share


The long and short of this is: just never hold any of it in because hey, who’s that gon’ help anyway? No one.

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