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(that rhymed!)


Strategy Consulting & Mentoring

For HNWIs, SMEs, Artists & Creatives and High-performers ready to create aligned visibility, impactful growth, conscious revenue generation, including contributing to humanity.

What you might hear someone say:

  • “I want to be in the right rooms and collaborate with other millionaires and high-performers.”

  • “I need a better team but I have no idea how to go about building it.”

  • “I want to become a 7 figure earner. I am close but could use some strategic support getting there.”

  • “I’m overwhelmed. I don’t have the freedom I thought building this business would give me. I need a mentor who can see me through this phase.”

  • “I want to be on stages, broaden my network and be involved in projects that contribute to the world with my knowledge and skills.”


Speaking, Workshops & Training

For organizations & private companies, events and private gatherings to elevate teams, building a dynamic culture with a focus in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership development & executive mentoring.

What you might hear someone say:

  • “We’re looking for an executive mentor/coach to work with our middle and senior leadership.”

  • “We’re looking for a trainer or speaker who can talk on the topics of entrepreneurial mind-set, creative thinking and building resilient teams.”

  • “We are looking for a compassionate but zero BS speaker to talk or hold a seminar on the topics of meditation, spirituality, wellness and mental health.”

  • “We are looking to hire a people strategist to work closely with our senior leadership on productivity, performance, goal-setting and conscious leadership.”

  • “We need a keynote speaker for our event.”


Corporate to Consulting

A global community for skilled professionals with over 8 years of experience to propel their wealth, impact and freedom by consulting.

What you might hear someone say:

  • “I am done working for someone else.” 

  • “I don’t know how long I’ll have my job with the way things are going. I am not sure what I’ll do if I have to be on the job market all over again.”

  • “I have years of experience and skills but I don’t know how to start consulting on my own – does anyone even need anything I have to offer?”

  • “I know I can do more and I can contribute to others in a meaningful way – how do I take my years in the corporate world, interests I have to create freedom and wealth?”

  • “I am seeing people less skilled, experienced and talented than me build income doing half the work I am.”

 Industries I have worked with: 

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What does referring you do for me, Neelam?


Your introductions will help me help more people this year live better lives, elevate organizations and create businesses that aren't hinged in screwing up the planet but raising consciousness.


My success rate is extremely high. My private 1:1 clients work with me and my company at multi-five figure levels to learn how to break things up and build better, resilient companies. (I mentor everyone I work with, too).


Should your introduction convert, as a thank you for your help, trust and support I send a little something your way, too. 

About Me


I was raised across four continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. In some ways, I was a nomad before it became commonplace.


My eventful life has taken me from schooling to living in different parts of the world for work and other personal pursuits, which I’d like to believe has given me friends all over the globe, the gift of tolerance, and the ability to understand people.


After over a decade in corporate America working for international pharmaceutical & FMCG brands, I felt I wasn’t living up to my most sincere potential to help contribute and elevate humanity in a way only I could. 

So far it has been a fulfilling ride and taken me to stages across the world, with two TEDx invitations, writing my first book of poetry, and working with companies, HNWIs and brands from industries like finance, hollywood, law, pharmaceutical, and health & wellness. 


Everything I do is hinged on creating value and that means, every solution I am party to must create ease, peace and simplicity… with all the soul I can muster in me and everyone who is naturally drawn to my way of doing, well, the doing. 


My teaching, speaking and consulting approach is rooted in enthusiasm and open-mindedness. It matters in all I do that I bend the knee at the altar of strategy, vision, mission and integrity while having fun.

Thank you for reading this far and for helping me help more in 2021!

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