Show up in all your messy glory.


I have always been that girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and for a majority of my life,it has gifted me with some of the most beautiful and possibly the most tragic experiences. Hey, that’s how it goes when you look at the world with heart and love.


But here’s the thing, I will NOT change it for one single thing. NOT one single thing. I like who and what my heart does for me, as a poet, writer and entrepreneur.

My heart cannot serve if it’s not showing up in all its messy glory.Twitter Share Facebook Share


As I learn and unlearn many things in my time here, I am (without fail) constantly being taught that vulnerability, openness and warrior valour are precisely why I experience the fullness of each and every single experience in my life. I shut nothing out because I know every single experience is part of my evolution and my growth.


I have to share this with you today because, I want you to know that whatever you feel is your weakness, your failing ….is exactly what you need to unleash into the world.


Show up in that glorious messiness, without apologizing or hiding. And listen, do not worry about being accepted or rejected. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks of you.


What matters is what you think of yourself. Fuck what everyone else thinks.Twitter Share Facebook Share


If you are not accepted, know that those are not your people. Just let that go. The more you are yourself, the more the right people who are meant to be in your life and your journey will come along; and support the heck out of you. Omg! When this happens, it’s epic. You will not even need to explain what you are feeling.


They will just get you and be your champions.Twitter Share Facebook Share


So my dear, today or whenever youfeel shitty for who you are or any aspect of you; just know that you are diamond and you are being polished for those who can handle your shine. Repeat these words to yourself:


I reject no part of me. I accept myself completely. I know everything I experience here, is here to serve and help me become the best version of myself.


I hope you will always be kind and above all: to yourself. I am sending you virtual hugs today, for whatever you are feeling and going through. Just know that it will be okay somehow. Eventually. It. Will. Be. Okay.

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