I am not a motivational or inspirational speaker. I believe in taking complex challenges and distilling their essence for my audience to adapt, learn and implement right away.

Sessions Led By Me Are...

I believe teaching is multi-dimensional and I love taking complex challenges and communicating them to my audience in a way that resonates.

Holding my audiences’ interest and attention is important to me and I design all my interactions to be engaging and fun because digesting difficult concepts can’t be done any differently.

If it isn’t practical with tools, templates and ways to implement concepts I teach tactically, then it’s of little value to my audiences. I love teaching concepts but also ensure I put a focus on how to apply it in real-life situations.

Every single one of my clients will tell you, Neelam “geeks out on strategy”, and for me everything we do starts here. I work with the event heads to tailor my sessions to ensure relevance.

My sessions are multi-dimensional, I pay attention to human psychology, mind-set and what I call functional spirituality to ensure the effect of my session isn’t superficial.


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