Stop anchoring when you need to uproot.


This one is one of my favourite teaching tools and I absolutely love sharing this wisdom nugget.


Sometimes in our lives, we may find that we are trapped in a situation and we can’t decide how to handle what we are facing, ACTUALLY, we don’t even want to resolve it because just thinking about it throws us in a spin.


And what follows next is that we are stuck in a loop of some sort and we seem to draw in the same situation over and over again. Or a variation of the same situation, which leaves us feeling like crap, uninspired and exhausted.


Sometimes the answer is to uproot ourselves from that situation instead of anchoring ourselves even deeper in it. This is difficult because uprooting may mean that we have move, leave or geographically shift our home and lives.


I was stuck in a dead-end job in corporate America; on paper, my life was stellar: six figure salary, Manhattan residence and living in an apartment that was a stone’s throw away from the East River. But inside me, there was a turmoil within my soul; storms brewing and unleashing every other day which entailed curling up in a ball and trying to cry myself to sleep.


It was painful. It sucked.


I wasn’t happy. I was tired. I was exhausted. My soul was wailing every chance she got, basically, every chance she thought I’d listen.


I knew something had to give because where I was, was no longer acceptable. I packed my home of over 7 years, sold everything I could and put everything in storage before I took to the road.


For me the decision was to uproot from this existence because it wasn’t serving my higher purpose or inspiring an aligned life. It was quite the opposite, right? I mean, I just had to uproot instead of sinking my roots even deeper. What the latter would mean is looking for another job and being “secure” vs. stepping into the unknown.


I actively chose the unknown without fear.Twitter Share Facebook Share


This is my life. I am responsible for the experience I create. It’s in my hands. I trust myself. I give myself the love and power to make the decisions where my life matters and is in service for the greater good.


I haven’t looked back once. I love my life. It’s far from perfect. And I am completely okay with it because I get to create what I want to. I own my time and how I spend it. No one controls it. Not some boss or organization that cares only about the bottom line profits.


What my wish for you is that: you fall in love with your life as well. Bit by bit; one decision and one step at a time.


And soon enough, it will be your turn to decide whether you need to:



It’s up to you. It always is. You are that powerful. Fear is not an option.


So, act like it. And claim what you want when your name is called. I wish you so much heart and bravery when the time comes. I cannot wait to see your light unleash into the world.

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