Success stories of courage, change, action and some massive love bombs from my fabulous clients

I feel life is too short to postpone things you love to do, and you should do. But still at some points in life, philosophy stops working and we feel stuck in the unknown because at times reality doesn’t match with our belief systems, the people around we trust the most can change leaving us emotionally unbalanced. Dreams and goals scatter, we start self doubting our own worth, potential splits as if life peels a cover from the truth and an unwanted, real ugly truth shows up itself, which you had never expected neither from yourself, or from life. You are left alone, un-decisive, stuck, with no direction. The only person came in my mind, at such a situation was Neelam. She didn’t belong to my family, or my friend circle, but I had gone through her posts, blogs which had touched my heart. Being on a wire in your life and knowing that you have to heal your heart to move forward, it felt as if I was hanging the last hope and giving it one more shot. That last hope was Neelam for me. I had no money to consult with her but it was most important for me to give a new direction to my life. I took a loan to talk to her because I knew she was the only one who could help me. And I was right. She was so kind to listen to me and understood me even better than I could have understood myself. Neelam is a survivor so she knows how to make your mind get out of your heart and make it start working. She gave me insights that I was missing and ignoring. She showed me how to accept myself where I am and to move forward. I was in a well, she stretched her hand to reach me and pulled me out of it and helped me to start working. I felt she is the one I was in need in my life than anyone and it was like a breath of fresh air, and amazing to have such a great mentor, friend and rescue partner. I feel life sometimes brings adversity so that we can meet and grow with such gems. Neelam as her name means diamond is a true Neelam, who touched my life to bring a change and to turn it downside up again in just two hours. Love you sweetheart! :) READ MORE
Working with Neelam has helped me achieve a functional plan to live my life according to my own rules. Neelam has a unique system of helping us visualize our true potential and she works with us to achieve our goals. I enrolled in her group program which made me feel like I was part of a community of like-minded people, who were finally ready like I was to change my life; with other people it became easier to open up and express our feelings. I thought I may not be able to open up in front of strangers but Neelam is very particular about who she takes on. She is precise and knows the energy she wants in her groups. I received the guidance I knew was waiting for me from a beautiful soul and gained some lifelong friends. What I loved was that, she gave an individualized plan after we were done with the program, so I could stay on track with everything we had outlined for me to focus on. Thank you, Neelam! READ MORE
When I first started working with Neelam my life was in a challenging stage. Overwhelmed with stress and feeling lost, low and unhappy because I didn't have a sense of direction. I knew I was meant to live an exceptional life but I was just so stuck. She really listened to my struggle and helped me not only get a better grip over my life, but also overcome many of my fears. Neelam has a unique system and a deep understanding of each person individually and brings the best forward. She genuinely cares and only wants the best, even when she is pushing and demanding of me. You can feel her love from thousands of miles away. Today I am the happiest I have been in a very long time and I will continue to use many of the tools she has shared with me. I admire her passion and drive. She delivers honesty and helps you to succeed without forcing any vision on you. Deciding to work with Neelam has changed my life. Owning your true power is priceless. Thank you Neelam for helping me create this beautiful life into a reality that I had no idea was possible for me. READ MORE
Having an expectation that your life is going to change overnight by magic without any input or action is unrealistic which is something Neelam drilled into my understanding even before she took me on. She came into my life at a time that I probably needed the most amount of support, attention, direction, focus and assurance. I loved her real and no-bullshit approach. Neelam kept everything very clear in what she wanted from me and although she was sympathetic to my situation, she also made sure that I did not keep using that as an excuse to avoid moving forward. I loved the fact that she told me to love myself again and reassured me that even though I’m a mum it was okay for me to do things for myself and be happy without guilt or explanation. Neelam is an amazing and an understanding person to work with.She pushes you when she knows you need it and supports in every way possible either through personal messaging, voice notes, silly GIFs or cheering via social media. Thank you Neelam for giving me the stepping-stone to grow and find myself again! READ MORE
Neelam changed my life. Actually, I have a life because of her. I know how this sounds but it's true. When I reached out to Neelam, I was on the edge of just giving up altogether. I felt like I could disappear into oblivion and it won't matter. I had been following her and her work online for a while and mustered up the courage to write to her whilesitting in darkness on my living room floor, with tears flooding my face. I still can’t believe I reached out to her and I am so glad I plucked every bit of nerve that I could because she lit my path up in a way that no other person has been able to. I have worked with other mentors 1:1, but this woman is fire and magic. She allowed me to see my true self, which I thought was impossible. She instilled a hope and vision in me for the life that was waiting for me. She is smart, sharp and I don't know how she does this but, she is very in tune with what someone needs. She asked me some tough questions and never cut me slack where she felt like I could be doing better. I think she is the closest to the word 'tough love' that I have come across. She is sweet but fierce and she just wanted the best for me but she was never overbearing about it. She knew when to swoop in and when to steer clear. My life has done a flip; my friends don't recognize me (side effect of working with her: I lost weight) because of the healing work Neelam does. I have the job of my dreams, thanks to her strategic oversight. I have moved countries to be with someone I love. Her approach is different and what I love most about her is she is genuinely interested in helping people create epic-ness in their lives. I say this because, I have come across people online who promise things but are hollow when you work with them. If you are considering 1:1 work with Neelam, I suggest you do not hesitate and take the plunge. You will not regret it at all. I just love her. READ MORE
Neelam is the only one I have not run away from. Let me explain. I have been around the world, spent over $150k in retreats, healings, signed up for programs that promised would help “fix” me. You name it. I have tried it. I'd go to these things and meet people who "knew" what I needed. I thought okay, here's the solution but within no time I would feel empty again. Move on to the next thing. No change. Same story. Nothing was working, nothing. That cycle was on repeat till I met Neelam. She stablized me. She cared. She loved. She didn't give a sh*t about my feelings when they really needed to be sidelined because it was keeping me from taking action. The best by far is that with Neelam, she also gives you tools, not just concepts that sound ‘woo-woo’. She is truly a spiritual badass and the best mentor, guide, champion, friend and teacher I was extremely lucky to meet and even luckier that she said yes to working with me. When I approached Neelam, I couldn't see me. I had no idea who I was becoming and how lifeless I felt on the inside. One the outside, people saw me and thought I had it all together. But my dream to have my own business was keeping me from performing well both in my life and at my job. I did okay but I wasn’t connected to the work. I knew I did not want to be fifty and have the kind of regret that perhaps, at that age would be difficult to rectify. I couldn't make sense of my patterns. She kindly and lovingly cast a light on where I was, not just my patterns but my wounded emotional state and a general hopelessness I was feeling. I didn't know who I was anymore. I found me. Neelam, I know how to shutdown and shut people out. I couldn't with you. You. I just trust you and I am so thankful for your entry into my life. READ MORE
Neelam's no-nonsense approach to guiding others to uncovering their creative potential creates an effective foundation for honoring those creations still in an incubation realm. Her reminder of the ever-present threats of fear and doubt invites us to be courageous when sharing our work, knowing that those empty threats dissolve when we take action. READ MORE
Neelam is a laser beam wrapped in kind understanding and compassionate kick-assery. I don’t know how she does it but she is on it and sees immediately what you need. In my session with her, she was so on point with understanding my brand and helping me see all the viable outlets I had at my disposal, which I wasn’t leveraging at the time. Getting this synopsis has let me expand my vision for my products and my role in being the conscious leader I am. READ MORE
Neelam listens hard. I think she listens with more than just her ears. She is in tune with your energy and while a question may seem unrelated on the onset, she is scavenging for insights which become apparent after she pieces/presents her thoughts or views. Then, she guides you there as if taking you gently by the hand and the next thing you know, you don’t even know what hit you as you become clear on your next move and step. Your path is illuminated brighter and you feel as if your posture is improving. I love her and I am so glad our paths crossed. She is just a wonderful soul and really out to put major goodness into our world. If I can just be direct: work with her and it will change your life. READ MORE





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