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Skilled professionals, reclaim your time and energy working on projects you want to, with people you admire without quitting your full-time job.

The world seems to be going sideways.

And yet 2020 was the best year my company Maven Magpie Consulting recorded.


On a personal level, I have been on my A-game right from creative expansion, launching a new podcast, new consulting services working with bright minds all over the world.


When the world stopped, I and many like me, have thrived and continued to grow.


I know many were not as fortunate and I get the pressure of being in a corporate job, not knowing if you will have your steady paycheck the next day.


The pandemic woke many people up to all the choices they’ve made that weren’t working: their intimate relationships, careers and health.

As you can imagine thousands of employers are making adjustments to cater to this new normal. 

Unfortunately, this has led to layoffs in the millions, salary cuts, and added a heavier workload on an already over-stretched, worn down workforce who aren’t sure if they’ll have a position in 6 months. 

I don’t know about you, but this is pressure I wouldn’t want as an employee. 

Especially if I have a family, a mortgage, or find myself having to tap into my savings to cover rent or health insurance. 


Friends of mine from my previous life in the corporate world are doing the work of 3 of their co-workers that were made redundant and they’re in senior management no less!


We don’t know what the normal will be exactly but you can use this time working from home to build your consulting empire and a personal economy should the world continue going sideways.


(Spoiler alert: it always will, we can only rely on ourselves)

Speaking of WFH, according to a study there are a few upsides and all the more reason to leverage this time to build your own thing:

  • Productivity has increased 

  • Employees feel that time management has become more flexible

  • The costs of commuting and maintaining offices have declined

  • Businesses have greater accessibility to global and diverse talent

Now that’s an opportunity right there because employers are aware WFH will be some part of the foreseeable future and employees know they have the bandwidth to do more for themselves.


I'm looking at you.


So why not build an additional revenue stream leveraging your existing skills?

Oh hi, I’m Neelam Tewar. 


I am the Chief Mischief Maker at Maven Magpie Consulting where I get up to all kinds of awesomeness.


I geek out as a conscious growth & visibility strategist, impact-whisperer to high net-worth individuals, creatives, corporations, entrepreneurs, and other high-performers globally.


My clients are both 6 and 7 figure earners who come to me with various requests right from mentoring, organic marketing, speaking to business strategy.


The only reason I’m able to do this work is because there were aspects of my full-time job in Advertising that I loved but what was missing for me was I didn’t get to work with people I loved, on projects that were impactful while not only replacing but making way more than my six figure gig.

If there’s just one other thing you could know about it me and why I created The Minimalist Consultant, it’s that:

I am committed to support more experienced, talented, multi-interested and skilled people embrace consulting as a way to build wealth, create meaning and freedom  either part time or full-time.


The Minimalist Consultant is everything I know, have learned and implemented in my business that lets me live a location-independent lifestyle while creating impact and building my legacy.

The Minimalist Consultant Program: My Why


This program has every single thing I have done, learnt, and implemented over the last two decades. 


But moreover, it is exactly how I run my location-independent consulting which allows me to work with clients, companies, and educational institutions the world over.


My intention and commitment with The Minimalist Consultant is to create a global community of thinkers and doers who want to gradually build a separate revenue stream by leveraging their current skillsets gained in their professional careers. 


Just like I did. 


It is my deep desire to put wealth and freedom in the hands of impact-focused people. Joyful people make a happier planet. They build better things and are kinder humans. 


I dunno about you but I think the world can use more of that.


The Minimalist Consultant: My Ethos


Getting things done.

Active learning and putting into play right away. It’s practical and everything I use in my business.


Like-minded peers.

Humans whose values are similar to you (and me) with the intention of building something they don't need a break from.


Global Community.

Supportive group from all over the world helping each other with kindness and compassion; this is a highly curated experience.


Getting started (sans perfection).

Helping you start consulting perfectly imperfectly especially if you have a full-time job right now.


The Minimalist Consultant Curriculum.

Core Foundation


Values, mission and vision for your consulting business. 

Aligned Audience

Know, engage and activate your audience based on your core values.

Connected Content


Build content that resonates with your audience and helps you engage with them meaningfully.

Conscious Offers


Create your offer formats and pricing model so you can pitch with ease.

Ethical Sales 

Learn how sales works, what to ask, convert without feeling the icky sales talk.

Quiet Marketing

You don’t have to be loud to be seen, I’ll share my quiet marketing method with you.

The Minimalist Consultant Community is ideal for you, if you:

noun_brain power_2766106.png
  • want strategy, system, support and simplicity to create a consulting income vertical without guessing and trying to 
figure it out all on your own

  • want to create your personal economy by monetizing a skill, talent or expertise acquired over your professional career or want to bring to life an idea you have always had but didn’t know how or where to start

  • desire more freedom, wealth and want to feel energized, fulfilled working on what aligns with your core values and mission

  • are a freelancer, artist, creative or a newbie entrepreneur not hitting consistent income each month 

  • want to add anywhere between $10k-$30k per month while serving and solving problems for others

  • want to be in a curated group with kind, compassionate yet badass individuals who are movers & shakers from all over the world


Listen, you don’t need me to tell you this but: 


Life is shortAF. 


And if you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about and doubl-y feeling this one…hard! 

Our tomorrows aren’t guaranteed and retirement can’t be your only end-goal or your cue to finally “start living”, doing all the things you’ve wanted to or create.


If you are in your mid-late 30s or more, with 8+ years of experience in your current profession or are considered as a ‘high-performer’ by your peers, then you have transferable skills that can help a whole range of people, organizations and businesses looking to pay someone with exactly what you have to offer. 

Did you know LinkedIn recently shared a study where Consulting was in the top 10 list of sought after professions? 


So, why not figure this out now? 


Especially as things begin to ease into some level of normalcy, set a pace that works for you and if, when you are ready to – you can even build an entire business around it.


Like I have.

The Minimalist Consultant Community isn't for you, if you:

  • want to make a quick buck

  • do not actually have any interest in helping others by way of your services or products

  • can’t commit to learning, implementing, testing and playing the long game

  • consume feel-good content without putting it into practical action

  • don’t think entrepreneurship is an option for your personality type (it’s cool, we all have our strengths and life goals)

  • are looking to quit your 9-5 in under 90 days

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens after I post my payment?

You'll get access to the course portal. Please give it about 24-48 hours to be let in.

How long is this course?

6 months. You can of course break up the program in a way that works for you. Each week a new module will be updated for you to access and implement.

Do I need a website?

No, what I am teaching is focused on getting results first before investing in a website, branding and paid media.

What is the refund policy?

There isn’t one. If you are in, then you are in to make this work for you with no stone unturned.

Do I get ready-to-use templates and worksheets?

Yes, absolutely. I don't believe in recreating the wheel, where I can make it easier for you, I absolutely will.

Is there an option to do this in under 6 months?

Yes, please write to and we can get a conversation going to determine if you have everything in place to move quicker.

How do I ensure success?

Do the work. If you fall off the bandwagon, talk about it in the group where everyone is super supportive. And start again from where you left off. The more you put in, the more you’ll get. Sometimes in ways you didn’t expect.

I have more questions!

Please write to

How much time do I need to invest every week?

About 1-2 hours.

Do I have 1:1 access to you?

Yes, if you have purchased an option that does.

How will I receive access to the modules?

Every week through the course of the 6 months, you'll receive a study module. And once you are in the portal, you'll also have access to the full, broken out topics to go back to whenever you want.



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$1,111 per month (x6)

  • Lifetime access to content

Snow Line


$5,000 (single payment)

  • Lifetime access to content

  • Access to private group

  • 2x30mins 1:1 zoom coaching calls with me over the course of 6 months

(must be used during the 6 months)



$10,000 (single payment)

  • Lifetime access to content

  • Access to private group

  • 2x45min 1:1 zoom coaching calls with me every month for 6 months

(must be used during the 6 months)


My story.

I was raised across four continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. In some ways, I was a nomad before it became commonplace. 


After over a decade in corporate America working for international pharmaceutical & FMCG brands on digital strategy, media, and advertising, I felt I wasn’t living up to my most sincere potential to help contribute and elevate humanity in a way only I could. 

Since then I’ve been able to: 


  • build a location-independent consulting business that lets me travel to feed my curiosity, my art (writing short stories & fiction) and my nomadic heart. 

  • wrote my first book of poetry.

  • work with high net-worth individuals, creatives/artists and other exemplary minds around the world. My area of focus, contribution and fun: strategic consulting and mentoring.

  • today my company employs like-minded humans on 3 continents, and is growing to cater to companies in the areas of executive leadership training and mentoring.

  • invited to prestigious stages like TEDx, International Council of Small Business, UNESCO and then some.

  • more recently, I was interviewed on FORBES to share my views on consulting. 


My eventful life has taken me from schooling to living in different parts of the world for work and other personal pursuits, which I’d like to believe has given me friends all over the globe, the gift of tolerance, and kept the wanderlust-er in me well-nourished.


So far it has been a fulfilling ride and taken me to stages across the world, with two TEDx invitations, writing my first book of poetry, and working with soulful men and smart women who want to earnestly create more impact and build their Empire of Good in the world.  


Yes, every now and then I pinch myself, and often, my work humbles me in ways I never thought was ever possible.


I Am Not For Everyone.

I care. I show it.


I can be intense. I love solving complex challenges.


I tell the truth. I test my truth.


Everything I do is hinged on creating value and that means, every solution I am party to must create ease, peace and simplicity...with all the soul I can muster in me and everyone who is naturally drawn to my way of doing, well, the doing. 

My teaching, speaking and consulting approach is rooted in enthusiasm and open-mindedness. It matters in all I do that I bend the knee at the altar of strategy, vision, mission and integrity while having fun.

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Love and here’s to your legacy,

Neelam signature

My clients are:

Artist & Actors

Film Producer







Coaches & Consultants

As seen in:

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What they said about me:

Working with Neelam has helped me achieve a functional plan to live my life according to my own rules. Neelam has a unique system of helping us visualize our true potential and she works with us to achieve our goals. I enrolled in her group program which made me feel like I was part of a community of like-minded people, who were finally ready like I was to change my life; with other people it became easier to open up and express our feelings. I thought I may not be able to open up in front of strangers but Neelam is very particular about who she takes on. She is precise and knows the energy she wants in her groups. I received the guidance I knew was waiting for me from a beautiful soul and gained some lifelong friends. What I loved was that, she gave an individualized plan after we were done with the program, so I could stay on track with everything we had outlined for me to focus on. Thank you, Neelam!

- R. Martinez

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