I work with mission-thirsty magic makers, visionaries and game-changers who are on a quest for deep change at an existential and spiritual level to create the most impact in our world. You’ll receive the tools, support and a deep understanding of how to unhinge your creativity, spiritual healing for purpose-driven individuals and organizations to leave behind a legacy by stepping into the world with power, integrity and mindfulness.


If you are an entrepreneur, corporate executive or a team leader in need of an intense, focused power-session, to go from stuck to unhinging your magic, purpose and vision in a big way, then this is for you. In just four hyper-awesome hours, we will work through fine-tuning your mission (which can include a high-level review of your marketing plan) and any other areas where you lack clarity or direction. At the end of our Re-Boot you will have a comprehensive three-month plan, detailing all your next steps. This option is also ideal for you if you want to focus on healing trauma, which is taking up your life, productivity or if, you are a returning client in need of a Neelam-boost. (Yes, this is a loving term that many of my clients use!)




For only a select number of souls, this is my intense inner work and an extremely limited offering which runs for three months. This is designed for those ready to embark on the deepest spiritual healing and integration journey yet, through both deep clearing and spiritual connection with yourself and your life. This is for you if you have been dealing with trauma and are super- ready for more focused attention to unleash your gift into the world in a mindful and impactful way.



(1 DAY – 7 DAYS)

I am a speaker and trainer for mid-level to senior level executives. I work with educational institutions, start-ups and corporations on mindful leadership, team building and personal mastery with insights and hands-on application of creative, spiritual, business and life concepts. My training and speaking powerfully assists attendees in connecting more substantially to their work, which in turn aids in increased productivity, engagement, innovation and creativity.




It might be uncool for me to say this but I will say it anyway – this is one of my favorite creations to get your back-side into major action in releasing your blocks, money story and launching/fine-tuning your business! This is typically limited to 5 students with each intake. My 7-week group program is highly curated and ideal for you if you are ready to come out of hiding and share your gifts with the world. You are ready. You know it’s your time. You are done waiting.




If you are looking for a community of conscious leaders (entrepreneurial, spiritual and otherwise) and souls who are on a mission to improve our world, my monthly membership group is a community of epically supportive, smart and “connected” souls. If you feel like you can add value and be valuable, I’d love to hear from you and have you be a part of this curated soul-family.


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